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day bright prompter
Above picture is a daybright 15"

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A+ Prompter provides a Teleprompter Operator and Equipment for: Film, Video, Television and Corporate productions

  A+ Prompter is an Orlando, Florida based Teleprompter service working for Corporate, Television and Production Company clients at various locations around Central Florida and travel to any world-wide location.  We provide Teleprompter equipment and an operartor for your production. Located in Altamonte Springs, FL, A+ Prompter is near Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa/St. Petersburg. We teleprompt for live music, TV productions, and webcasts.
+ Prompter is a Teleprompter Service Provider enabling a camera to shoot through the teleprompter glass with the talent appearing to look in the camera lens as he/she reads from the prompter. Teleprompters can also be used off camera so that the talent appears to be talking to an interviewer. Our teleprompter systems will mount to just about any ENG type camera and tripod: including DV cameras.

Interactive Teleprompting
The teleprompter can also be used in an interview situation where instead of text on the prompter you feed video from another camera so that the person looking at the prompter sees another person. This helps people focus on the camera where you want them. This is frequently used in "newsroom" situations where the journalist is interviewing a reporter or spokesperson. Many of the networks use 2 prompters per camera - one with the text and another with a video feed of the person they are talking to. One prompter is in front of the camera lens and the other is hanging just below the lens.

Telescript FPS 150
Small Cameras Like the Panasonic 200 series? No Problem! A+ Prompter has a wide glass for wide angle lenses and 16:9!

Outside Teleprompter Equipment
This is the superbright 15 prompter. This system is recommended for bright sunlight shoots. It is 6 times brighter than a conventional CRT screen. The "daybright" is fantastic for prompting text, webcasting or teleconferencing. It has 1 SVGA computer input and 1 - PAL, NTSC composite video input. Its power requirements are; 110/220V AC or 12V DC (runs on batteries). It weighs only 18 pounds and glass size is 15.5 x 12.75. There is extra wide glass available for wide angle lenses.

Small Camera Setup
Small camera setup: This one has a 6" lens mounted prompter

  Even Smaller Cameras Like Canon or Nikon? No Problem!  
  Telescript Teleprompter FPS 150
This Premium System from Telescript features a 15 inch Screen (38.1 cm). It's useable range is 2-35 ft (10.67 m). The TeleScript 15 is lightweight: weighing only 18 lbs (8.16 kg). Brightness - 430 nits. This system mounts to all ENG and DV cameras. It has 1 Composite input and 1 pass through. 120v AC or 12v DC (runs on batteries).
Nikon shooting HD Video
Nikon shooting HD Video 
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Greg Rice